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NFTbit, IL Star Guide to NFT BSC Swap Support

[NFTbit] IL STAR NFT BSC swap support


IL Network is a project that leads WEB2.0 users to WEB3.0 through a real-life G2E system.

We will soon be launching a BSC chain swap support event for NFTbit marketplace in celebration of the launch, targeting IL STAR NFT holders.

The world’s first G2E NFT marketplace “NFTbit” by IL NETWORK supports G2E functionality that creates new value by linking real goods and NFTs based on famous actors, stars, and IP. It currently supports the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will support multi-chains in the future.

For holders of ‘IL STAR NFT’ — Meguri, Sarina, and Tsubomi, you can swap your existing NFT for the BSC chain-based NFT and trade on the NFTbit platform.

We invite you to participate in the NFT swap support event starting from Monday (5/8).

[IL STAR NFT, BSC swap guide]

● Swap application

IL STAR NFT swap application is received through the Google Form below.

● Swap schedule

Swap application period: May 8th, 2023, 7:00 pm ~ May 10th, 2023, 11:59 pm (KST)

NFT incineration and distribution: Notification to individual participants

● Swap method

Incineration of existing NFT and BSC-based NFT minting

NFT will be swapped to the same wallet to which it was sent for incineration.

Supported targets: Meguri NFT, Sarina NFT, Tsubomi NFT, Sarina Influencer Collection

Polygon transaction fee is required for NFT transfer, and the cost of incineration and swap will be covered by the foundation.

*Individual guidance for incineration will be provided to event participants.

[NFT swap notes]

● NFT swapped to the BSC chain will be assigned a new unique number.

● Incinerated NFTs will be permanently lost and will not be reissued on the Polygon chain.

● Winners who do not transfer NFTs within the period will be excluded from the swap list.

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