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[Event] Solitary Gourmet First NFT Airdrop (End)

IL Coin X Dorama Korea Event

The Lonely Gourmet, which was produced and aired in nine TV series from 2012 to 2021 on TV Tokyo based on cartoons, became the beginning of an eating broadcast with the high-quality performance of Yukata Matsushige.

The episode selected as the first NFT of a lonely gourmet was the Busan specialty "Nak-Gop-Sae" (Nak-Gop-Sae, Gopchang, and Shrimp) broadcast on a business trip to Korea, which recorded the highest ratings and high YouTube views among lonely gourmet videos.

Solitary Gourmet's First 1000 AirDrops Of NFTs

IL Coin X Dorama Korea

Dorama Korea's first NFT, which contains the hunger of the furnace award

"Lonely Gourmet" drama, Korean episode NFT

NFT 영상

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