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IL NETWORK (IL) Shimiken X CryptoIO G2E Goods Wadiz Funding Termination Notice

Shimiken X CryptoIO Goods

Wadiz Financing Ends

Hello, we're IL Coin!

The official goods of Shimiken X Crypto Io collaboration

I'm informing you of the end of Wadiz funding.

The first of the G2E models, the most famous Japanese in Korea!

710,000 YouTubers influencer Shimiken and ILCoin's

Collaboration goods of NFT-combined clothing brand CryptoIO

was sold through Kawadiz funding

From March 27th to April 5th

Shimiken Goods Wadiz Funding is

Financing rate exceeded 102% and closed!

Thank you for your interest and purchase🔥

IL Coin and CryptoIO's first goods production!

Various collaboration goods are planned

Please look forward to it🙌

​IL Coin's G2E goods

"IL Coin's G2E is

commercialize symbols"

With the commercialization of symbols based on famous IP

NFT sales, NFT-applied goods production and sales to distribute revenue with NFT holders


IL Coin's G2E product is

Shimiken's signature symbols, bananas, are commercialized

It was made and sold as goods through Wadiz funding

Through many collaboration goods

Please look forward to ILCoIN's G2E products!


ILCoIN Official Community 📢







IL Coin's official SNS 👇




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